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all about dexter

the evangelist

Dexter Sanders

God has called Dexter Sanders to be an Evangelist to the nations. That may sound a bit ambitious, but, nevertheless, it is true. It's a calling that he himself was not willing to embrace for many years. God spoke these instructions very clearly and has sent many people into his life to remind him of it.

But seemed so big that, even through his faith in God, he was afraid to step out. He thought that maybe it was not God talking, but himself, and that it would end in failure like so many other things had in his life. Today, he is both ready and able to do whatever God calls him to do.

Dexter has worked hard in the area of evangelism. His mission is simple - to facilitate the movement of the Holy Spirit throughout the world, causing major transformation for its citizens. This movement will make way for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to come out from behind the church walls and into the streets and homes.

In 2008 Dexter led such an initiative with a Gideon Army through the streets of Parramore, a distressed community in Orlando, Florida. They marched down every street and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Gospel.

In the end, hundreds of people came to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Dexter is committed to this cause, and continues to train groups in the art of outreach through his book and training guide "Planting the Seeds of the Gospel".

the preacher

Dexter Sanders

Dexter Sanders is the founder and CEO of Rock Orlando Center for Transformation ,an evangelistic organization, as well as founder and Pastor of Many Mansion Ministries, a local church in Orlando, Florida. He believes that the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God, and he preaches from direct examination of the scriptures. He uses his great oratory skills to deliver the Word of God in both an exciting and clear way.

His anointed preaching has led thousands of people to turn their lives over to God. He is currently leading an initiative called "Transformation Orlando", which will bring spiritual, physical and emotional transformation to the entire city of Orlando. This initiative is being facilitated through a movement called Join the Body, and its mission is to bring churches together to corporately reach the least, last and lost.

Dexter has pastored for the last six years, but has been preaching the Gospel since God saved and delivered him from drugs more than ten years ago. Since then he has been traveling the globe and delivering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those people who makes up the least last and lost.

Who are they? They are the rejects of our society. The alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless, HIV/ Aids infected, prostitutes and the like, who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus.

They are also that segment of our society that make up accomplished professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, wealthy, and the like, who have not heard the gospel of Jesus. Dexter has a special burden for these groups of people, simply because he himself was once addicted to drugs and was saved and delivered from them by the power of the Holy Spirit.

the speaker

Dexter Sanders

It was predestined back in 1977 as Dexter was running for Vice President of his sophomore class in high school, that he would become a very special, naturally gifted public speaker. During his first campaign speech, he brought the student body to their feet with a stirring motivational speech that ultimately won him the election. What was not clear then, but has become increasing clear now, is that Dexter was gifted by God to communicate ideas to people in a way that can only come from God.

He has used these gifts to motivate groups in several different areas including educators (teachers, parents, youth, and administrators), businesses (presidents, CEO's and union workers), and religious (pastors, leaders, laymen and women). Dexter also has the unique gift of taking ideas from various categories and molding them into clearly spoken instructions.

the teacher

Dexter Sanders

Dexter is an anointed teacher of the Holy Bible as well as the secular arena. He is a servant of God in both spirit and letter, having received his B.A. from historic Wilberforce University of Ohio. Upon his return to New York, he served the Rochester, New York community as an educational leader for 15 years.

He received his first full time teaching opportunity with the Rochester City School District as a music/theater teacher. He enjoyed four successful years which included being nominated for teacher of the year.At that point, he left the Rochester City School District to assume a position as Alternative Education Coordinator for the Penfield Central School District also located in Upstate New York.

Along the way he received an M.S. in Secondary Education from Nazareth College of New York, as well as aa M.S. in Educational Administration from the State University of New York at Oswego. Dexter also served as an educational leader for four years in the position of Assistant Principal for Orange County Public Schools.